The Medieval Earthworks of Rutland – NEW!!!
Robert F Hartley
Monograph No. 5

This is a revised and expanded survey of the Medieval Earthworks of Rutland first published in 1983. Each site has again been studied on the ground and from air photographs, more locations added and existing plans and text improved. Detailed surveys of individual sites are included and it will be of interest not only to archaeological professionals working in planning, excavation and academia, but also to those with an interest in the development of the medieval village and county residents who wish to find out more about the previous location of buildings for village research. 133 pages, 88 plans, 17 landscape maps. 5 colour illustrations.

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The Medieval Earthworks of South & South-East Leicestershire
Robert F Hartley
Monograph No. 4

This book by Robert F Hartley is the last in his great series on the medieval earthworks of Leicestershire which has been slowly published since the 1980’s.   The three sections cover Lutterworth, Market Harborough and Billesdon and we are pleased to report that Emeritus Professor Christopher Dyer has written the Foreword.

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Medieval Leicestershire: Recent research on the Medieval Archaeology of Leicestershire
Monograph No. 3

Archaeological research on medieval Leicestershire can now tell us much about the life and death, food, housing, agriculture, landscape and environment of the ordinary working people who made up the majority of the population of the county from the Saxon period to the end of the Wars of the Roses.

For many years archaeologists in Leicestershire have been collecting information from excavations, walking the fields in search of evidence, looking at the landscape and documentary evidence and analysing the many medieval buildings that still exist. Villages, houses, churches, castles, coal-mining and farming, all are investigated. Questions are asked such as did Leicester Forest exist? What does the landscape tell us? How did the county take its current form? What was the city of Leicester like during this period and what did people eat and what can we tell from their bones? The contributors to this scholarly and fascinating book bring together and interpret information painstakingly gathered by professional and amateur archaeologists to give us an insight into daily life in medieval times.

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The Medieval Earthworks of South-West Leicestershire
Robert F Hartley
Monograph No. 2

The medieval earthworks of South West Leicestershire by Robert F Hartley records the ‘humps and bumps’ that are the remains of the medieval landscape of the Borough of Hinckley and Bosworth.

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Leicestershire Landscapes
Paul Bowman & Peter Liddle
Monograph No. 1

Papers presented to the 25th anniversary conference of the Leicestershire Museums Archaeological Fieldwork Group, held on 7th and 8th September 2001 at the University of Leicester. The papers attempt to synthesise the most recent knowledge of Leicestershire and Rutland’s archaeology.

Out of Print, papers downloadable as pdfs.