Find Identification Guides

Pottery & Flint Identification Sheets

These 18 Pottery and Flint Identification Sheets were produced to help Leicestershire and Rutland field walkers identify the finds they collect. Many pottery guides are text based and contain a small number of illustrations, however, these sheets are colour photograph based so users can see and easily recognise their finds.

The 18 sheets cover pottery from the Neolithic to the early 20th Century. They contain photographs of complete, or near complete items, close-up images of the sherds, brief explanations and textual references.

They were originally produced for the South East Leicestershire Treasure Project and contain photographs from the collections of the Leicestershire County Council Museums; the Jewry Wall Museum, Leicester; Sharpe’s Museum, Swadlincote Derbyshire; and several private individuals. Considerable help was offered by Helen Sharp (Archaeology Officer LCC), Dr Richard Pollard and many others.

All sheets except the one on flint have been put together by fieldwork member Andy Kirkland. The flint guide was done by Brian Burningham and is ten pages long, all other sheets are one page. They can be downloaded for personal use but if you are not a Leicestershire Fieldwork member and wish to use these as course material or in any other way please contact Leicestershire County Council for copyright permission and agreement. All documents are pdf.