Leicestershire Landscapes

Edited by Paul Bowman and Peter Liddle

Monograph No. 1


This book is largely made up of the papers presented to the 25th anniversary conference of the Leicestershire Museums Archaeological Fieldwork Group held on 7th and 8th September 2001 at the University of Leicester, which was well supported by the local archaeological community. The papers attempt to synthesise the most recent knowledge of Leicestershire and Rutland’s archaeology. It is some twenty years since the last attempt to do this in the publication of ‘Leicestershire Archaeology – The Present State of Knowledge’ (Liddle 1982). It is the membership of the Fieldwork Group, along with the Museums’ Survey Team and Archaeological Unit and, in more recent years, the University of Leicester Archaeological Services and other contracting units, that have expanded our body of knowledge so dramatically in this time.


The editors would like to thank the contributors who have made time in busy schedules to complete their papers (even if this has sometimes taken some time!). We would particularly like to thank Richard Buckley, Nick Cooper and Peter Liddle who produced papers to fill gaps caused by speakers at the conference who were unable to complete their contributions. It is regrettable that completion of the volume has taken 21⁄2 years, but most papers have been updated to reflect recent discoveries.

Special thanks to Kathy Harman for taking the brunt of the practical organisation of the conference and Ernie Miller for chairing the conference and dealing with the finances. The committee of the Leicestershire Museums Archaeological Fieldwork Group have been unceasingly supportive and we would like to thank those who attended the conference and paid for this book in advance for their patience.


  1. Community Archaeology in Leicestershire: The wider view beyond the boundaries – Tim Schadla-Hall, Institute of Archaeology pdf, 94kb
  2. Community Archaeology in Leicestershire 1976-2001 – Peter Liddle, LCC Environment & Heritage Services pdf, 66kb
  3. The work of two local Fieldwork Groups (unavailable)
  4. The hunter-gatherers of Leicestershire and Rutland – Lynden Cooper, ULAS pdf 768kb
  5. The First Farming Communities: ‘Out of the Unknown’ but still not Out of the Woods – Matthew Beamish, ULAS pdf, 353kb
  6. The Bronze Age and Iron Age in Leicestershire and Rutland – Patrick Clay, ULAS pdf, 673kb
  7. Recent, and not so recent, work in Roman Leicester (Ratae Corieltauvorum) – Nicholas J. Cooper & Richard Buckley, ULAS pdf, 440kb
  8. Roman Small Towns in Leicestershire and Rutland – Peter Liddle, LCC Environment & Heritage Services pdf, 283kb
  9. The Roman Countryside of Leicestershire and Rutland – Peter Liddle, LCC Environment & Heritage Services pdf, 532kb
  10. Pottery, Landscape and Trade: What are the sherds telling us? – Nicholas J. Cooper, ULAS pdf, 381kb
  11. The Anglo-Saxons in Leicestershire and Rutland – Richard Knox, LCC Environment & Heritage Services pdf, 799kb
  12. Villages and their Territories: Part I – Paul Bowman pdf, 340kb
  13. Villages and their Territories: Part II – Paul Bowman pdf, 836kb
  14. Mapping the Medieval Landscape – Robert Hartley, LCC Environment & Heritage Services pdf, 407kb
  15. Parks and Woodland in Medieval Leicestershire 1086-1530 – Anthony Squires pdf, 508kb
  16. Investigating Past Environments, Farming and Food in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland: the evidence from plant and animal remains – Angela Monckton, ULAS pdf, 447kb