Festival of Leicestershire and Rutland Archaeology

3 July – 1 August 2021

Exploring Local Places
on the ground and online

We invite you to join in the month-long 2021 Festival of Leicestershire and Rutland Archaeology and discover more about the rich and diverse heritage of our two counties. The Festival has a fascinating range of events, talks and guided tours from some of the region’s archaeological and historical experts. Local groups will show you their own discoveries and invite you to become involved in making the next great discovery!

Part of the Council for British Archaeology’s national Festival of Archaeology

The Festival in Leicestershire and Rutland is financially supported by: Leicestershire Fieldworkers; Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society; Leicestershire and Rutland Heritage Forum; CBA East Midlands;  Leicestershire Industrial History Society; The Friends of Jewry Wall Museum;  Hinckley Archaeological Society; University of Leicester Archaeological Services